Circles has been developed by Audio Producer Abby Hollick, Health Psychologist Esther Murray, and Empathy Museum’s Artistic Director Clare Patey.

The project grew from our desire to find creative ways to facilitate deeper connections between people, as well as our mutual interests in audio storytelling, personal stories, peer support and healing. We’re interested in how gathering round a speaker to hear from others can help us see what’s going on for ourselves – and how we want to move forward.

Circles is a listening and sharing space for nurses, matrons and midwives in all NHS departments and bands.

Eight people and two hosts sit in a circle around an audio speaker. Prompted by recordings of fellow nurses’ experiences, we reflect on how we’re currently feeling in our own lives. There’s no hierarchy, and everyone has equal opportunity to share what’s on their mind.

If you would like to discuss commissioning a new circle or want to book an existing NHS circle on anti-racism or wellbeing we would love to hear from you:

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