Have an idea for a podcast and need help? Let’s work together!

If you’re looking for an executive producer or would like to book an audio consultancy session please email me here: abbyhollick@hotmail.com

I work with teams and hosts to launch new podcasts, to inject energy into tired formats, help them find creative ways to engage listeners and spark ideas for live events.

I’m always keen to work on projects happening in interesting settings, to interview people who are not represented in mainstream media and to examine how we think and feel, looking at mental health, social health, the arts and ways of coping.

I enjoy mentoring young people to express themselves through audio storytelling. Please drop me a line if you want to discuss recording personal stories or the process of pitching/interviewing and editing.

To learn more about Circles with nurses and to book one for your NHS Trust or to commission a new circle please visit the website: https://circles.empathymuseum.com