PAGE is a podcast where writers dissect a single page of their book. Bestselling memoirists and non-fiction writers discuss their most frank, moving or hilarious page. Host Abby Hollick picks the pages, which examine a breakthrough moment and teach us how to cope when things fall apart. Guests include: Caitlin Moran, Nova Reid, Michael Rosen, Lenny Henry and Hollie McNish.

  • Ep 1 – Michael Rosen: Waking from a Coma

    Michale Rosen - PAGE

    In this episode Michael discusses PAGE 163 of his latest book, ‘Many Different Kinds of Love: A Story of Life, Death and the NHS’.

  • Ep 2 Hollie McNish: Sex Education and Shame

    Hollie McNish - PAGE

    Hollie is a spoken-word poet, who won the Ted Hughes Award. We dive into PAGE 336 of her latest book, ‘Slug’.

  • Ep 3 Lenny Henry: Grief Counselling & Mask Wearing

    Lenny Henry - PAGE

    Today’s guest is the legendary Sir Lenny Henry! His new memoir, ‘Who Am I, Again?’, goes right back to his childhood in Dudley and charts his rise to fame on the talent show ‘New Faces’, the sitcom ‘The Fosters’ and the cult Saturday morning show ‘Tiswas’.

  • Ep 4 Caitlin Moran: Eating Disorders and Parenting

    Caitlin Moran - PAGE

    Caitlin Moran is a hilarious author, scriptwriter and Times columnist famous for skewering the patriarchy. She wrote the seminal feminist manifesto ‘How To Be A Woman’ and her latest memoir, ‘More Than A Woman’, is a celebration of middle-age, taking on the joys of ‘maintenance sex’ in long-term relationships, the overwhelming to-do lists, and looking after everyone but yourself.

  • Ep 5 Clover Stroud: Facing Death and Sisterly Love

    Clover Stroud - PAGE
    I absolutely loved chatting to Clover for this episode. Clover Stroud is an author who does not shy away from pinning down exactly how she feels. Clover’s latest book, ‘The Red of My Blood’, is about the sudden and shocking death of her sister Nell.

  • Ep 6 Rhik Samadder: Loneliness

    Rhik Samadder - PAGE
    Rhik breaks down PAGE 194 of his exceptional memoir, which explores masculinity, mental illness, surviving child abuse and sees Rhik set off on the ultimate quest to discover where his depression came from. In this episode, Rhik examines loneliness, and why it’s true vulnerability to tell someone you feel lonely.

  • Ep 7 Nova Reid: Addressing Inherent Racism

    Nova Reid - PAGE
    In this episode, Nova discusses how there is a lack of empathy when it comes to engaging with racism and how white liberals can cause the most harm, too often defending their position rather than actively listening and apologising.

  • Ep 8 Oliver Burkeman: The ‘Future-Focused’ Attitude

    Oliver Burkeman - PAGE
    Do you get anxious about the future? Are you obsessed with your to-do list? Is organising, scheduling, living for next week your thing? Then this is the episode for you. Oliver Burkeman’s new book saved me from myself!

  • Ep 9 Laura Dockrill: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

    Laura Dockrill - PAGE
    TW// Discussion of suicidal thoughts, self-harm and postnatal psychosis.// CBT Day! Writer and illustrator Laura Dockrill credits Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for changing her life and helping her recover from postpartum psychosis. She explains how CBT has taken away a lot of the guilt and shame that comes with being an unwell parent.

  • Ep 10 Arifa Akbar: Estrangement, Reconciliation & Death

    Arifa Akbar - PAGE
    Arifa Akbar’s sister Fauzia died in 2016 from tuberculosis. Despite all the signs the doctors at The Royal Free Hospital in London were baffled and she died of a brain haemorrhage. In Arifa’s stunning memoir ‘Consumed’ she investigates how a leading hospital could have missed this ancient but curable disease.