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I’m producing an interview series of awesome women who rock, kicking off with the actress and writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Broadchurch, The Iron Lady, Fleabag). It’s going to be an audio chain of sorts, and each link will aim to inspire. If there is any woman you admire, with a fascinating story to tell, I would love to hear your suggestions. Please email:

Street Talk continues and it was brilliant recording in Leeds – more on when you can hear that on Radio 4 soon. My next project is inspired by RecordMeNow, The Moth, and So this is a call out to all radio folk who want to help me capture stories. I want to collect people’s personal messages on either a voicemail or they could email in a voice file recorded on their phone. The question (for the moment) is:

Today I am feeling……….because……..

If you want to discuss TodayI’mFeeling please get in touch.

Thank you and Happy Voting. Thank you Emmeline! x